I know Mahalaxmi Buildwell (I) Pvt. Ltd. since 2001. I feel they are the most reliable, trustworthy and cost effective developers in region . I am still in contact with them and enjoy dealing with them.

- Lt. Col Suresh Mumgain

I was on the lookout for a house when a friend recommended Mahalaxmi Buildwell to me. Within two days of seeing the house I was able to close the deal. Everyone was surprised. Full Team is sincere here for Whatever they promises they delivers. The quality of the flats is excellent. I would give Mahalaxmi Buildwell (I) Pvt. Ltd. a rating of 10 out of 10 as they are almost perfect.

- Mr. Naveen Tayal

It is 100% true that Mr. Anil Sharma and Mahalaxmi Buildwell have achieved success because of sincere work, good planning, diligent execution and good administration. All their projects so far have been timely and affordable.

- Madhur Madhvi Dabral

Mahalaxmi Buildwell (I) Pvt. Ltd. is doing a brilliant job. All their projects have been completed on time and their service is excellent. Mr. Anil Sharma is an excellent personality and whenever you call him, he sends his person immediately.

- Mr. Sumit Sharma

I have heard of Mahalaxmi Buildwell (I) Pvt. Ltd. since many years and I bought a flat from them after being recommended by others. I was very impressed with the quality of everything, especially the fittings, and the finishing is superb. So what I have heard matched with my real experience.

- Mr. Anuj Jain

I know Mr. Anil Sharma since 10years. He is concerned more about satisfying the customers than making a profit out of them. I have never heard a complaint from any of his other customers.

- Mr V.K. Talwar

I have purchased an apartment from him at his project titled 'Madhav Residency', which is situated at the foothills of Himalayas and the facilities provided by him are very good. My relatives, friends, everybody has appreciated the flat.

- Mr. Manoj Mumgain

Our experience with Mahalaxmi Buildwell (I) Pvt. Ltd. is wonderful. They are very professional and transparent in their dealings. Their team is very dedicated and we feel that our investment is very secure.

- Mr. V.K. Uniyal

Mahalaxmi Buildwell projects are all timely and the execution is perfect. No doubts about the service too. All the completed projects are faultless. I know Mr. Anil Sharma since two years. He is a very straight forward man. He is committed to his customers and is approachable at anytime. Being a banker, I have handled many of the loans taken on his flats and I have always found that all the legal documents, license etc are in order. I haven't seen any problems anywhere.

- Mr. N.S. Rawat

A message to Doonities - Mahalaxmi Buildwell (I) Pvt. Ltd. is known for the timely completion of the project and the speediness at which they have launched Madhav Residency reflects the trust that one can repose in Anil Sharma and his team.

- Mr. Mukul Bahuguna

Lord Krishna Residency is located at an ideal location and positive aspect is it's centrally located and in less than a years time the flats are given to us and we are very happy about the construction and the prompt delivery.

- Mr. Kapil Rastogi

All praises for Mahalaxmi . Our home is well designed; it has all amenities that are modern. it is well within our budget; our family thanks Mahalaxmi Buildwell for having completed the project well ahead of time.

- Neera Gupta

We were inspired by Lord Krishna residency and we decided to buy a home for ourselves at Madhav Residency. We salute the Mahalaxmi Buildwell (I) Pvt. Ltd. team for their quick and prompt delivery; also i pray that Mr. Sharma be bestowed with blessings from lord and may he rise to more name & fame.

- Mukul Vinod Gairola